Bondis Porteños is an illustration project based on the synthesis and graphic interpretation of the public transportation system of the City of Buenos Aires. Like a constant show of colors, patterns and typographies, these huge rectangular canvases generate a landscape where diversity reigns in a medium where normally the opposite happens, turning the streets into a public event of a very particular and "Porteño" design, which brings together styles and graphics from many different periods and contexts in a single moment. A variety difficult to explain and normalize that deserves to be contemplated in each corner, like a painting in movement, an unfinished work that for some reason represents the chaotic and the beautiful that things can be in such a special city. Approximately 136 lines operate in the City of Buenos Aires as of July 12, 2019. Each design represents a unit of each line, which may have been the result of the restoration of an old bus, or the transfer of the unit from one line to another, or the simplification of a design in the face of some economic crisis, or the intervention of a graphic design studio when adapting a new bus to the fleet, or any of the above, or none of them.
Team: Gastón Garcia Aja / Mauricio Gallegos
Photography: Alvaro Picca

Buenos Aires, Argentina (2019)