This year was very intense for me and I feel I overused my brain. I started to have signs of this when I finally decided to come to Madrid for a few days with my parents, who are just visiting, and I forgot my dental plate. This would never have happened if my brain was not finished. 
However, I went to the Reina Sofia museum on Sunday and it was one of the few times I didn't want to leave a museum without finishing it. It is really amazing and all that information was to my brain like an ice cold Coke after a long bike ride.
I went back to the apartment and opened Illustrator with a totally blank sheet of paper, with only the colors of Spanish cubism in my head and the idea of making objects. For some reason I came up with these shapes, they seem still but maybe they are part of something that moves. Maybe they are the parts that are stopped in my head, like those trains that sleep in the station.